KRD and BIK, i.e. banned lists of debtors


Biuro Informacji Kredytowej SA (BIK) – an institution whose task is to collect, integrate and share data on the credit history of bank customers and Skoków. The data that is recorded is positive and negative information on repaid liabilities, and the credit history created in this way is an instrument that can be used to authenticate the bank’s client. In addition, an additional tool provided by BIK is the so-called credit scoring, which is nothing more than a scoring.

National Register of Debtors

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The next institution monitoring the credit history is KRD. The National Register of Debtors deals with receiving, storing and sharing economic information and data – both debt and timely fulfillment of obligations by companies and consumers. Not only entrepreneurs can transfer information about debtors to the office.

Communes and their organizational units as well as natural persons can also enter about unreliable payers, but in order to do so, they must have an enforceable title (for example a court judgment with an enforcement clause). The activities of the National Debt Register are supervised by the Ministry of Development. Registry cleaning is regulated by banking law.

Cleaning up registers, facts and myths?

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To clean your BIK register, several conditions must be met. If the bank loan has been repaid, you must submit a request to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data, which is necessary at the time of concluding the loan. If the credit history is positive (installments were repaid on time), you can be tempted.

But why delete positive information? Installments repaid on time prove the credibility and reliability of the customer. However, if we are dealing with a negative history from BIK or KRD, such data may be deleted only after the period of 5 years. It should be remembered that the owner of personal data is the bank that granted the loan and it is there that applications should be submitted to remove entries from the above-mentioned registers.

There is also a question whether it is worth clearing the BIK

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It turns out not necessarily. If we have both positive and negative entries in the registers, this is much more beneficial than being an anonymous customer for the Bank. The bank prefers to know to whom it grants the loan than to grant it to a person who has no history in terms of bank obligations. Please note that your credit history verifies your chances of getting another loan.


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