Effects of the debtor’s entry

The debtor registers in bed almost every heard. Few, however, are aware of what they are, how they work and what specific information they contain. See what characterizes the Economic Information Bureau.

Each borrower should be aware that after signing a contract with a bank or a company providing financial support, his data will be in certain registers. I am talking about databases of special entities, such as the Economic Information Bureau, the National Register of Debtors or the Credit Information Bureau. The information they store is often used by institutions that provide services in the loan industry.

 activity can be analyzed with a yellow ch d perspectives – indebted individuals, as well as the entity kt yellow rice has decided to report information about the debtor to the base.

Good Finance what is this?

Economic Information Bureau, in the twisted bed of Good Finance is an entity kt yellow rice collects, stores and provides data on unreliable debtors, and people, kt yellow timely repaid or re s already be settled its liabilities.

With a record of turtle conducted by the Economic Information Bureau used primarily by banks and non-bank institutions, re kt yellow concluded an agreement with him.

Thanks to this, the loan company knows whether it is dealing with an honest or suspicious customer. The information he obtains from the Office also allows for assessing the creditworthiness of the potential borrower.

Economic Information Office in Poland

The Good Finance system in our country is dispersed. There really is not one, the main institutions, but few, legally operating and controlled by the competent authorities in the entity bed. There is also a central Good Finance. In Poland, five different offices:

ERIF Economic Information Bureau, Good Finance InfoMonitor, the National Debt Register Good Finance bed and National Bureau of Economic Information (KGood Finance).

Good Finance and the law


The Economic Information Bureau operates thanks to the Act of 9 April 2010 on sharing economic information and exchanging economic data. Babysit Choir of these entities by the Ministry of Development. Each Good Finance conducts a debtor in bed, no one og yellow lnego statement.

In practice this means for example, consider that a borrower may be entered in one bed d ch or more register in bed. For this reason, the institutions of the financial sector check potential borrower on the above mentioned each of the Good Finance-turtle in a while.

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